Automation Testing Frameworks For Top BI Tools

Every time a software code is modified it requires to be analyzed in reliable fashion. QA analysts all around the globe employ a wide range of diverse nature test analysis tools and testing procedures to find out the bugs and vulnerabilities out of a software. In comparison to manual testing, automation is the best way to achieve overall accuracy and reliability in results. QA services firm’s loves to employ automation test analysis mechanisms to find out the bugs and vulnerabilities at the initial stage of development. Automation testing of business intelligence tools are really of huge importance and must have to be carried out without any major delay of time.  You can see the list of some top best quality BI tools right here.

The Process of Automation Testing

Any automation testing company out there, use a five way automation testing process to evaluate the actual level of performance standards possesses by the BI tools. The only way to accomplish perfection is to implement automation testing frameworks in a persistent manner.  As the above mentioned BI tools are used by the thousands of multinational firms all across the globe, so any vulnerability in their performance will surely affect the overall user’s reliability and efficiency. Automation is the only best available process out there, which not only reduce the overall time required to assure persistency but as well as diminish the time of development. An automation testing company, use the following automation test analysis process to access any kind of functional or performance bugs in a reliable fashion.

  • Understanding of business requirements and automation test requirements
  • Defining scope and resource for automation testing process
  • Framework implementation and script preparation
  • Test case execution, reviews and analysis
  • Defect and error reporting to client

The development manager of BI tools must have to keep in mind that their software will only perform well, if it is tested out in a consistent fashion with the help of an automation testing company. In case if they don’t want to hire the services of automation testing company, than they have to train existing developers in a way to access quality via automation testing. Users will only show there interest in buying BI tools, if these are perfectly analyzed and tested out through automation analysis process.

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