Penetration testing is now becoming a compulsory practice for the development houses of those software; which are used by the financial institutions and organizations to perform specific tasks related to management of inventory and financials. Penetration testing helps to identify the bugs and vulnerabilities that might help potential intruders to intervene in the settings. Now


Jarvis Legal Software Penetration Testing And Its Importance

Security assessments, penetration testing and vulnerability checking are the essential part of the software development life cycle and, if penetration testing is not conducted by the developers then than, it will affect the performance of software in a long run. Penetration testing is an indispensable process that needs to be performed with the help of


How Penetration Testing Impacts the Performance of ProLaw Software

ProLaw is a resourceful software for mid-sized and large legal practices firm to streamline the key parts of their law management framework.  That efficiently designed law management framework automates the time tracking, expense management processing and improving billing accuracy by reducing manual time tracking. It has a mobile application which allows its users to track