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Bug Tracking Tools

Bugs are always annoying and frightening whether they are lingering on your room’s wall or virtually pop up in an IT product. Call it an error or a bug, it is an agitator for a QA tester once spotted. Because no wonder how deliberately and carefully a development cycle is planned, a bug is something


Kualitee! A Perfect Software Testing Tool for QA Testers

Software testing tools are really essential to assure overall performance quality of an IT infrastructure for a long-lasting time period. QA professionals all around the globe use a diverse range of test analysis measures but Kualitee is the best among all. It not only allows its users to maintain the performance of their designed program


Software testing tools

Software testing tools are always vital to establish overall performance quality and accuracy in results over the period of time. A software quality assurance company employ a wide range of test assurance tools to enhance the overall quality of their developed software. Among all the testing tools available out there, Kualitee is the most effective