Female Entrepreneurship

The journey of simple women to become an entrepreneur is a tough one. It is not a mesmerizing journey as it seems to be. Before World War 2, women’s are only confined to household responsibilities. Women in business or working women are considered a myth. But with the emerging trends in business female entrepreneurship is a somewhat considered integral part of society. Global research perspective also put emphasis on women’s development and growth. According to them, women’s are far better in working than men.

Female Entrepreneurship can have a histrionic effect on country’s economy. The research clearly supports the protestation that key things need to be set in order for female entrepreneurship to withstand and flourish. Women’s are more creative and have greater entrepreneurial potential.

Founder of Alibaba, Jack MA in one of his interview said` The secret to Alibaba’s success is that we have a lot of women. I’m not just saying that to please women, the facts bear out that we’ve got the highest percentage of women on staff at any major tech company.

He further said: ‘’Women are much better at taking care of others than men; in addition to taking care of themselves, women take care of their husband, father, mother, children, and work, etc. So women have greater patience than men. People say that in this era we should help women and give them more opportunities, but I think that women should be helping men! If the last age was about a change in women, I think now we are in the era of women. I truly believe that.’’

In the end, I want to say the factor that gives rise to female entrepreneurship is materialism. Men’s are more practical and materialistic. They always take a business in practical terms. On the other hand, women’s are intuitive, innovative and cooperative. They are better at the understanding client and company needs. As per Harvard Business Review, When defining innovation as “offering products that are new to some or all customers” in some regions — including the U.S. and developed Europe — women entrepreneurs have higher levels of innovation than their male counterparts.

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