How to Maintain the Quality of Pocket App

Software testing company - Pocket AppAll of you might have use divers nature cloud-based apps to save your precious files and data, but among all these apps, Pocket App is the best one. It’s a perfect app for all the smartphone users to save any of their data on the cloud to access it easily anytime when it is required. Although the app perfectly works on all available devices and platforms, it requires sustainable quality assurance measures in order to achieve perfection and accuracy in ending results. The developers of this app have to understand the importance of quality assurance, and this is the reason why they have to hire QA professionals from a software testing company in order to achieve quality on all available platforms. Pocket app delivers the following benefits to all of its users. 

  • Save any file, URL link , data or images to view them later
  • Synchronize any of your required data efficiently
  • Enjoy a beautiful reading as file saving experience
  • Discover new stories which suits to your mood and environment
  • Availability of unlimited storage capacity
  • Listen to your article from text to speech
  • Save your precious time while emailing your data

Automation Testing For Pocket App

Automation testing of pocket app is the way to enhance its overall performance quality and reliability in ending results. Automation testing not only enhance the overall usability standards and efficiency of an app, but as well as it reduce the chance of any bug attachment.  QA professionals at a software testing services firm love to use the process of automation testing in order to evaluate performance of an app. Automation testing is the best way to measure quality as compared to manual testing.  Top of the line automation testing tool includes the following.

  • Selenium (C/C++, C#, .NET, Java)
  • SilkTest, HP UFT/QTP
  • Rational Functional Tester
  • Telerik Test Studio
  • Monkeytalk

The process of Automation Testing for Pocket App is as Follows.

  • Understanding the business/automation testing requirements for Pocket App
  • Selection of most precise test analysis tools and frameworks
  • Defining out the scope and resource of automation testing
  • Automation testing tools installation and configuration
  • Optimization of automation testing tools for Pocket App
  • Employment of Testing Measures/ Strategies
  • Identification and removal of bugs
  • Reporting defect to concerned parties

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