Performance Test Analysis For Legal Software

Small as well as large law firms all around the globe use legal software to manage their day to day proceedings. These software allow any legal firm to track down important deadlines, manage cases and documents in order to fulfill the needs of clients. Testing of all these software is really important so as to maintain the overall work proceedings.  Any bug or vulnerability in the performance settings of these software will might affect the desired expectation. Over the years, quality assurance has become significantly important for the development firms to make it sure that their developed software perform according to the anticipation. Performance test analysis of all these software is really essential and it has to be carried out without any major lapse of time with the help of a software QA consulting firm.  Below you can see the list of top of the line legal software used by the law firms of all sizes.

  • Clio
  • Logikcull
  • TimeSolv Legal
  • Practice Panther Legal
  • Abacus Law
  • MyCase
  • Smokeball
  • LeanLaw
  • Jarvis Legal

Benefits of Performance Test Analysis

Performance test analysis of a particular software is essential to achieve optimized level performance quality and accuracy in results.  Most of these above mentioned legal software are cloud based and at the time of heavy loads of traffic, these could become the victim of performance bugs and vulnerabilities. A performance testing company can help the developer of these law software to sustain optimal level performance on all available platforms and devices. The more a software will be tested out on the basis of its performance the better it will perform.  A software QA consulting firms employ tools like LoadRunner, WebLoad, QALoad, SilkPerformer and Jmeter to accomplish optimized level performance out of a software.

A performance testing company follow a five way test analysis process to accomplish overall quality through performance testing. The process of maintaining quality through performance testing is as follows.

  • Assessment of business requirements through setting up a performance test environment.
  • Defining out the types of performance testing tools to detect out performance bugs.
  • Creation of test scenarios and configuration of performance testing environment.
  • Execution of test case scenarios and recording of outcomes.

Make analysis of performance testing mechanism and gives recommendations to improve performance.

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