Positive Impacts Of Test Management Tools During Development Process

Software testing plays an important part in establishing the overall performance quality and reliability in ending results. Test management tools are the essential part of any software testing strategy to figure out the bugs and vulnerabilities at the initial stage of development. Test management tools reduce the repetitive work and ensure the optimized level quality of an IT product for a significant period of time. Test management tools help developers to access the actual level of bugs and vulnerabilities attached to software settings. Kualitee is the most reliable and advanced class test management tool out there, helping developers to remove any kinds of bugs affecting the expected level of quality. Test management tools allow users to maintain the quality in a consistent fashion.

With Kualitee! Manage Integrate and Progress

Kualitee is a powerful project management module that enables it’s users to create and integrate projects efficiently and make successful back to back releases. You can manage your test teams according to the requirements of your test cases.  All available test management tools out there allow users to manage, create and integrate projects in a timely fashion. Kualitee will give you more than a conventional testing tool. Kualitee will always make it sure that, you achieve the best out of a software, which is under development. Following are the top of the line benefits provided by the quality to assure perfection in results.

  • Create your projects with ease and convenience (Simple user interface)
  • Create independent builds with associate users
  • Create test cases and scenarios with proper advanced reporting
  • Enjoy customizable fields as per your test project requirement
  • Make copies and save templates of your test project
  • Attach important screenshots to link your test cases
  • Create comprehensive test reports to keep track of your test coverage
  • Kualitee has an information-rich format, allowing users to track defects back and forth
  • Create customized reports and take advantage of two-way integration
  • Likewise the other available test management tools, you can achieve flexible reporting with quality
  • As a QA Analyst, you can now sync your recorded defects with JIRA. It’s a simple setup and perfectly ideal for disturbed testing teams.

Ending Note:

Test management tools play a significant role in determining the optimized level quality and accuracy in results. A wide range of QA tools are available in the market, but among all of those Kualitee is the most advanced and reliable one. Kualitee can also be used on cheating spouse app.

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