QA Framework for Pulse SMS App

Software testing company- KualitatemPulse SMS APP is a seriously beautiful, next generation MMS and SMS app specially designed for Android users all across the globe. This app is packed with plenty of innovative features, which not any other SMS app ever have. Thousands of smartphone users all around the globe use this app to perform a perfect conversation with friends and family members, so it’s essential for its developers to improve quality of their app with the help of a software testing services firm has years of experience in quality assurance. The more this app will be tested out on a continuous basis, the better it will deliver quality on all available platforms and devices. You can achieve the following benefits from this app.

  • Endless global & pre conversation themes
  • Share GIFs with friends and family members
  • Snooze notifications
  • Powerful searching through messages and conversations
  • Beautiful readability style
  • Archive Conversations
  • Backlist Phone numbers
  • Automatic messages backup with web account
  • Dual SIM Support for all android devices

How a Software Firm Perform Mobile Apps Testing

In recent days, software testing services provider firms’ use automated test analysis procedures to rectify bugs and inefficiencies out of a mobile app. Mostly five rounds of comprehensive mobile app testing is carried out to ensure the overall sustainability and reliability in desired output. The development team engaged on the project of Pulse SMS APP has to understand the importance of mobile apps testing in order to maintain overall performance quality and accuracy in results. They have to make it sure that every time when they are going to launch a new version of their app, testing protocols are precisely followed out.  Mobile app testing process for Pulse SMS APP is as follows.

  • End-user experience bugs evaluation and analysis
  • Real user testing and user reviews
  • Device hardware bugs analysis and rectification
  • iOS hardware analysis and android hardware analysis
  • Cross-platform compatibility investigation
  • App adaptability testing through operating system adaptability testing
  • Communication medium testing through app wireless testing and app network testing

Mobile apps testing is really vital for the future growth and progress of any app in order to achieve expected outputs. The more consistent you will be throughout the development as well as up gradation process of an app, the better you will be able to achieve perfection in quality.

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