Remove Bugs with Kualitee during Development Cycle

Software Testing Tools- KualiteeYes removing bugs from a software during its development lifecycle is so essential to enhance its overall performance quality. Any software will only perform well when it will be tested out on a consistent basis throughout its lifecycle. Software testing tools play a significant role in maintaining the overall quality and accuracy in results. A wide range of testing tools are available out there, but among all Kualitee is the best one in terms of quality assurance and test management. It’s the top of the line QA tool out there, which deliver preciseness and accuracy in end results. Kualitee is available in four different price ranges; these are community, silver, gold, and enterprise.  You can select any version of Kualitee according to the nature of your organization. With the help of Kualitee, you can achieve the following test analysis benefits.

Why QA Services Firms Love Kualitee

  • It has a powerful dashboard which gives the quick status of projects as you log on. With the help of Kualitee, you can achieve perfection within no space of time.
  • You can view ongoing test cases, bug reports, and test scenarios in an efficient manner through Kualitee.
  • Software testing tools have become more reliable when this help to manage the overall testing process. Kualitee not only will help you to manage your testing cycles, but as well as it also allows you to integrate and process you’re testing sprints in a resourceful fashion.
  • Kualitee delivers an end to end test cycle execution procedure, with which you can create projects with complete ease and convenience.
  • QA services out there love to use Kualitee as a testing tool, because it enables its users to perform multiple level of test reporting. You can inquire about major bugs anytime.
  • Kualitee delivers a perfect quality build management feature. With the help of its independent build management procedures, you can create modules and teams within the builds.
  • It’s a kind of testing tool, which will help you to manage your test teams according to the nature of the package, you have availed. This feature help you to add new users/testers in the team, and allocate the specific task to the each member of the group.
  • Among all the software testing tools available out there, Kualitee is the most effective and fully reliable when it comes to bugs identification. With Kualitee, you can manage bugs in a flawless manner.

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