Testing Of iCare Health Monitor App

iCARE Health Monitor - Software testing companyThere are only a few apps available out there, which allow smartphone users to precisely record the health activities of their body. iCare Health is the most advanced and fully reliable blood pressure and heart rate monitor app out there, which helps its users to maintain their health in any season. You only have to press your finger on the screen to get the desired info of your health. The developers of this app have to make it sure that the quality of this app is perfectly maintained by hiring a software testing services provider firm.  iCare Health delivers the following benefits to all of its users.

  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Heart rate measurement
  • Vision measurement / Eye Test
  • Lung capacity analysis
  • Real-time photoplethysmogram (PPG) graph

Employment of Performance Testing Frameworks for iCare Health App

Performance test analysis basically helps to identify the performance bugs and vulnerabilities attached to an app. Performance testing is an essential part of the quality assurance framework to establish perfection of an app like iCare Health on all available platforms. As per the user’s review, sometimes the users of this app has to face performance vulnerabilities at the time of installation of new updates.  By applying performance testing measure, the developers of this app can restrain quality for a sustainable time period.

Performance testing will not only help the developer of iCare Health app to identify bugs but as well as it also provides a way to eradicate bugs in order to assure optimal level performance and accuracy. Performance testing is an essential part of the software testing strategy so as to maintain the user’s appreciation towards an app. As the competition among the apps is becoming more and more intense over time, so only those apps will get more user’s attraction whom are well tested out in a consistent manner. It’s mandatory for the development team of iCare Health to hire a software testing services firm in order to achieve the highest level of quality of their app.  The process of performance testing is as follows.

  • Assessment of business requirement and identification of key elements to set up performance testing environment
  • Define time, tools and performance tests to evaluate performance
  • Creation of performance test scenarios and test data
  • Execution of test scenarios and validation of results
  • Analyzing the results and making recommendations

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