Tips to Improve Software Development Skills

Software architecture is the set of design decisions which, if made incorrectly, may cause your project to be cancelled – Eoin Woods

Developing a software as an individual or as a team requires continuous efforts in the right direction. While developing a software or web app you required to perform certain tasks in an appropriate manner otherwise you can’t be able to achieve expected results. It’s always important to keep yourself updated with the current technological trends in software development. I have prepared a list of top development factors those are essential to improve development skills.

Plan Your Future Development Procedure

Before starting a software development project, plan out how you want to handle a specific task provided to you by your development manager.  You have to determine patterns at an earlier stage by writing modular code. This will simplify your overall process and will increase reusability. Reusability of code will help you to save time and prepare new software before the deadline.

Organize Your Development Priorities

As a developer, you have to prioritize your tasks on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. Use the technology, which is highly beneficial to automate your development process.  If you are working as a member of software development team, then make sure to keep yourself and your team members fully productive while simultaneously report and monitor their progress continuously.

Code Readability and Maintainability

“Don’t ask permission to refactor, test, document etc. It’s all part of ‘programming’. Don’t ask permission to do your job.” (Source) — Jerome Terry

Yes, as a developer, you have to be fully capable of reading a software code in order to again develop it efficiently and achieving expected results. You have to plan your code away from your computer with a clear mental approach. Prepare an outline to develop a new code for a software or web app and then implement it. The standard structured practice in programming is really helpful to achieve expected results.

Learn Advanced Programming Skills

Grow and nurture your development skills by learning new development techniques and models. Keep your focus on object-oriented programming, functional programming, reflective programming and other multiple programming paradigms. According to Richard Eng “Wherever possible, always choose the simpler programming language. More complex languages increase the cognitive load on your brain. Simpler languages do not necessarily give up anything in terms of power or expressiveness”.  To be an expert developer, you need to know your tools at the very best.

Implement Agile Development Mechanism

As compared to traditional or waterfall project development method use agile development process, which is an incremental and iterative development approach to develop a software or web app. Must use project management tool like Kualitee during the development of a software. Avoid overloading yourself with continuous hours of development work. Don’t sit at your desk for a long period of time. Sitting long hours could be detrimental to your health.


Yes, It’s true that software development is not an easy job. You have to be really constant in learning new dev tools and religiously follow the above-mentioned tips to improve your overall development skills.

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