Use Kualitee for Better Test Management

Software testing toolsSoftware testing tools are always vital to establish overall performance quality and accuracy in results over the period of time. A software quality assurance company employ a wide range of test assurance tools to enhance the overall quality of their developed software. Among all the testing tools available out there, Kualitee is the most effective and result oriented in terms of test management and defect analysis. QA firms all over the globe love to use Kualitee in order to maintain the overall quality of their developed software. This particular test analysis tool delivers the following test analysis benefits to all of its users.

Positives Impacts of Quality

  • It has a powerful dashboard, which gives you the quick status of all the testing projects as you log on. You can watch out the ongoing testing projects and their statuses while using Kualitee as a testing tool.
  • Through Kualitee, you can start your own customized testing project with complete ease and perfection. You can easily manage, create and integrate projects with Kualitee to establish perfection in overall results of your developed software. It’s the perfect tool to contain desired expected performance.
  • With the help of Kualitee, you can add the teams of testers, test managers, developers and product managers to achieve quality as per your own desired.
  • Most of the software testing tools only allow you to perform testing up to a certain set of limits to assure the expected level of performance, but Kualitee delivers you more than that. Through it, you can also enjoy perfect JIRA integration to detect bugs of any nature.
  • You can experience perfect build management feature with the help of Kualitee. It will allow you to create independent builds and associate users within the test modules.
  • Kualitee will help you to prepare and execute detailed test plans and execute these test case in a resourceful manner. You can choose test cases and reuse these for your next regression test cycles. Its export feature will allow you to extract you work in pdf, word and excel format to present your work in your weekly or monthly meetings.
  • As a software tester of a QA services company, users can make copies of your test cases to save these for your re-usability test cases from the point of view future perspective.
  • Kualitee will help you to perform testing in a stress-free environment in order to manage your testing cycle in a better way.

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