Which Test Management Tool Will Be Perfect For Red Cappi Software

test-management-toolBugs and vulnerability assessment of any software is necessary and it has to be tested and evaluated by employing test management tools.  Red Cappi is a web-based email marketing solution that permits its users to create email campaigns so as to make a surge in their overall sales.  This marketing software can be used by the small, mid-sized and large enterprises.  By getting the help of this software, users can share email campaigns across popular social networking platforms. Features like content management and email listings are the most appreciated features of this software, which allow its users to generate a perfect marketing campaign.  This software requires continuous improvement in its performance by using efficient test management tools. Kualitee is the only best software testing tool available which has make testing an easy process.

Make Testing! A Full Of Fun Activity

kualitee always deliver precise test evaluation results to all its users. Its powerful dashboard has the quality to deliver quick status of all the projects just by logging in. Developers of Red Cappi can get the benefit of test scenarios, test cases, and bug reports. It provides the primary benefits of test management, project management, and defect management. It will make sure that, if during the development stage any loopholes are not removed then these has to be taken care off by using Kualitee as a testing tool.

It will thoroughly cover the whole test management requirement by developing detailed test plans, written test scenarios, execution of test cases and evaluation of results.  Kualitee will give the control to use and execute test cases as per their needs and requirements. Its export features allow quality assurance team members to export test reports in the form of pdf of excel format. Quality assurance team of Red Cappi could ensure product maturity by employing Kualitee as a test management tool. Maturity at the time of market release will surely improve customer experience and reliability.

Test management tools have an efficient feature of bug management. Kualitee will make it possible for the testing team of Red Cappi to get the detailed picture of all kinds of defects and bugs.  They can capture bugs and report different aspects of abnormalities by getting the benefit of its information-rich format. Testing teams can also monitor the bug history any time with its multiple information pointers to improve their software overall desired performance with consistent approach.

Spy software for Samsung can also be used in this tool to make test cases.

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